the expava way....

At Expava we want to open your business to an arena of infinite possibilities. We do this because we believe that we are enabling a brighter future for Africans in every market in which we operate. We exist to solve problems with technology solutions. Because we understand the nooks and crooks of information technology, you can be sure that we are your trusted and reliable partner.

our services

marketing solutions

We have uniquely designed solutions that enable your business to be better known, make your products loved, and create vibrant interactions with your markets. We make it simple and predictable for you so that your efforts are organized, targeted, and produce positive returns on investment.

sales solutions

Sales is a game of numbers – nobody speaks numbers fluently than we do. If you want more customers, more users, a more vibrant sales team, better sales operations, a better understanding of your sales environment, and a great sales plan, talk to us!

innovation solutions

Developing new, future-oriented products and services is a detailed discipline that needs skill, talent, knowledge, structure, and strategy. Being innovators ourselves, we understand the HOW. We dare you to try us. 

our promise

Excellent Service Delivery

We believe it's the small things that matter.

Operational Efficiency

Speed. We strive to give the fastest turnarounds across the industry without compromising the overall quality of your service. After all, time waits for no man.

Awesome Customer Service

We care and you matter to us. Simply, you are family.