Expava Studios

Expava Studios is our photography services arm that offers creative wedding photography and videography, engagement shoots, baby bump/maternity photography, model photography, toddlers’ photography, graduation shoots, family shoots as well as corporate events photography and social event photography such as birthdays.

Expava Supplies

Expava Supplies is our supplies arm that generally deals with supply of office equipment such as but not limited to laptops, desktops, computer accessories, toners and cartridges. Here we bid to be pre-qualified as suppliers to different firms be it government or private sector. Our supplies are top notch as we have created a brand around quality over time.

Expava Tech

Expava Tech is our technology arm which provides the following services; corporate website designs, mobile applications, software development and deployment, as well as digital marketing and social media. We basically give you an online presence that translates to a positive return on your business revenues.


Ubunifu Kenya is an established fashion house in Kenya specializing in made to measure design and stitching of garments for both ladies and gents for all occasions.It is an international brand that originates in Kenya. It designs, manufactures, distributes and retails luxurious, auspicious and timeless high-end textile products and services. Everything Ankara!